FAQ ... common questions

Q: What kind of software is Watcher?

A: Watcher is software for Linux servers. The goals are prevention of 'burglary' and 'abuse' of server systems.

Q: What is the audience of Watcher?

A: People that operate servers as 'exposed hosts' on the open InterNet.

Q: Is Watcher free software?

A: No. But Watcher is given away for a small 'donation' as a sign of your appreciation

Q: Who owns/manages Watcher?

A: Watcher is owned by ComServe IT-Services/Germany.

Q: Where can I get Watcher?

A: The complete Watcher product (master & modules) is available in the online shop for a small 'donation' at https://comserve-it-services.de/en/shop-en

Q: What's the history of Watcher?

A: The project started in 2012 when we felt a tremendous growth of burglary and abuse attempts as well as brute-force attacks.
Traditional 'server hardening' is completely insufficient nowadays. Today's defense measures need 'intrusion detection' in realtime in order to face brute-force attacks, DoS (Denial-of-Service) and server high-jacking attacks ...

Q: How can I find out more?

A: See the Watcher pages below the 'Products' section on the main WEB site at https://comserve-it-services.de for a detailed overview.
The documentation is publicly available under "Support > Downloads" for a deeper insight into the Watcher Master and the related modules.

For guest users the public wiki with introductory pages is available under Public Wiki here